KoNote Pilot Project at Toronto’s Griffin Centre
Supervisor Kristin T. using KoNote during a team meeting
by Deanna Dannell, Chief Operating Officer, Griffin Centre

Griffin Centre is a non-profit charitable mental health agency providing flexible and accessible services to youth, adults and their families. For 40 years, we have been helping people in our community who thought their needs didn’t count and we continue to expand our programs and services in order to respond to the changing needs of these individuals. We help over 1,700 people each year to recognize their strengths, achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Our mission is to promote positive change for vulnerable youth and adults with mental health challenges and/or developmental disabilities and their families. We are dedicated to delivering innovative services and developing creative partnerships that enhance lives and communities. One such innovative and creative partnership is with Dr. David Gotlib and KoNote.

In the short time that we have implemented KoNote in our treatment program we have seen the benefits of this tool from both the staff and client level. Staff using this tool have reported improved documentation that has enhanced our ability to collect data and evaluate client goals and treatment. It has supported a consistent and shared vision of client treatment within the team and the consultants who support the direct service delivery. It has allowed for consultants to have access to accurate data in a timely manner, which results in improved consultation with team members and the creation of responsive interventions.

Clients and family also benefit from KoNote. Allowing clients and families to visually see their progress and the events that contribute to their success will enhance the engagement of clients and families in their treatment. Clients and families become active participants in their treatment which increase their ability to sustain their improvements once leaving our services.

KoNote has filled a void in our organization. It has created a nimble electronic client record that can easily meet the unique needs of our intensive treatment programs. It has been an easy to learn /easy to use tool for our front line workers. Management staff have reported improved confidence and comfort in their oversight of the treatment program. Moving from a paper system to an electronic client record system by using KoNote will significantly improve our delivery of services when clients are receiving treatment in a number of our programs. Our teams are excited with the upcoming expansion of KoNote to our residential programs.

As a provider of children and youth mental health services we appreciate the need to have an electronic client record system that allows us to clearly demonstrate positive outcomes in our client’s lives. I am not aware of any other similar tool in the children and youth mental health sector that is providing this quality of client information. As an organization we are truly fortunate to have this partnership with Dr. Gotlib and KoNote and are excited with the growing potential of KoNote.