KoNote is a social-enterprise project, helping clinicians and their clients by providing unique, affordable, and truly useful software.

Testing it out

We can provide a fully-functional version of KoNote which you can use for 60 days. At the end of the trial, you can continue to view the data you have entered, and can export the data in CSV format, but cannot enter any more data.

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KoNote's social-enterprise philosophy means our responsibility is not to our shareholders or owners, but to our clients. To this end, we have adopted a subscription model. Everyone who subscribes gets the then-current fully-functional version of KoNote, and is entitled to free upgrades as long as they are active subscribers.

Subscriptions include:

Specific annual subscription costs will depend on the size of the organization. In general, each subscriber will pay

Upon termination of a subscription,

Between Jan 1 and June 30 2018, we are offering a limited number of free perpetual licenses to nonprofit organizations. There will be a cost-recovery charge for installation and training.


Additional functionality that requires development of new modules or significant enhancement of existing software will be charged at a rate of (developer cost + 5%). The Customer will retain a perpetual license to any new or enhanced software developed during the procurement period. KoNote will retain the Intellectual Property rights to said software.