A Flexible, Secure System, shaping itself to your needs

Every element of KoNote is designed to be user-configurable and user- modifiable at any point in time. Our team can help you customize KoNote to suit your clinical needs and streamline your workflow. We excel at rapid prototyping and at identifying where a tweak to a standard KoNote features can save you time and improve communication.


KoNote is designed to operate from either

Offline capabilities ensure that work can continue securely even if the connection to the server is lost. All data in this transparent and collaborative environment is secured with strong AES encryption.

Interaction with existing systems

KoNote can operate as a standalone system for a clinical service, or as a supplemental system for organization and management of the multidisciplinary care plan. Modules can be developed to integrate with an existing EHR system (with the permission and cooperation of the EHR vendor). Data can be exported from KoNote in a variety of formats including HL7.