Notes that count.

A Client-Centred Instrument of Collaborative Care

A Performance Improvement Tool

Any record combining narrative and quantitative data

Narrative and Quantitative Data with Decision-Support Tools

KoNote is a new breed of Client Information System, designed for Clinicians AND Administrators (and everyone in between).

KoNote organizes information the way clinicians think. Each Problem (or Goal) has a plan, user-definable indicators to track improvement, and progress notes. The history of each Goal, and the plan to achieve that Goal, are always immediately visible — no more hunting through windows of individual and discipline-specific notes and reports.

Integrated, user-customizable indicators help users track the client's progress -- and collect information for administrators. Data that used to be collected in separate applications/inventories can be embedded in the KoNote.

Data-visualization features show progress towards Goals, and lets users and clients discern relationships between progress, interventions and life events.

The simple, elegant interface makes it easy to review records and enter information. The user has complete freedom to customize the structure of notes, indicators and scales.

KoNote users communicate to each other within the software as they read and maintain a common client record. This promotes a sense of shared ownership of the client’s record, as well as the client’s care.

KoNote: The Basics
Problem-oriented organization
Hybrid notes describe & collect data

Progress Notes are structured according to the Plan– one section for each Goal and its associated indicators. Progress Notes can also have one or more areas (unrelated to the Problem List) for additional notes.

The history of any selected element is automatically displayed
View past notes while writing current one
Every indicator can have its own unique rating system

If you can assign a number to it, you can use an indicator to track it. When entering data, the rating scale appears when the user hovers over the indicator name.

Data Visualization: Track progress AND correlate with life events

The Data visualization feature shows indicators’ values over time. The user can also superimpose visual indicators of ‘events’ – anything in the life of the client that the user believes may be important in understanding cause and effect.

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